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2022-2023 CT YOUTH SLAM

Slam Competition to find the CT SLAM TEAM 

The Youth Slam team was held at Stetson library in New Haven CT. It was open to youth up to 19 year old and every participant had to sign up online before the posted deadline. There was a max of 20 participants allowed to sign up and once the max was hit the signup was closed! The competition was fierce for the top 6 slots who would move on to become members of the CT Slam Team! The CT Slam Team for the first time with The Word is traveling to the international competition Brave New Voices (BNV). The competition is being held in San Francisco, California this July! The CT Slam Team members will also have opportunities to compete against out of state slam teams and be given opportunities to perform in state! The top 4 winners took home cash prizes and first place was crowned the CT Slam Champion! All students poured their heart and souls into their work! They were all AMAZING! Everyone was prepared with 3 original works. The first round was a 3 min poem, second round was a 2 min poem and 3rd round was a 1 min poem. The event was widely attended and the youth voices were celebrated. 

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