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@ Neighborhood Music School
In Larry's Space
100 Audubon St, New Haven, CT
4:30 - 6

Join us every Thursday in Larry’s space at the Neighborhood Music School! One of the Word’s Teaching Artists (TA) will be there to perform a piece and provide a writing prompt to inspire some writing or discussion and students can then perform what they wrote. If you want help developing the piece, the TA can assist by providing guidance and feedback. The workshops are a good way to practice writing, learn different styles, develop their work, build confidence and experience in performing, and meet others with similar interests. The workshop can be offered in hybrid format (in person and via zoom). If anyone is interested in a remote option please email us and we can set it up!

Stetson  Library Expanded Arts Program beginning 2023-2024 school year

The Word will begin holding an after school arts workshop on Mondays at The Stetson library branch. More details will be posted soon!

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