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In  2022,  The  Word Blossomed...



Students that participate in the Writing Liberation workshops at Neighborhood Music School the individuals that attend they are searching for ways to become stronger writers. The Teaching Artists are stimulating growth, developing future artists and creating a sense of community. 


The Lit Cyphers are a monthly cumulation of all the work the youth do in the weekly workshops. The students come together to share their poems they have been working on throughout the week. Some students perform them in the form of spoken word, rap, storytellers and other forms of literary art. At times musicians will collaborate with students to enrich the performance. 


Wordfest was held in conjunction with the International Arts & Ideas Festival in New Haven. There were two Poetry Slams one for youth and one for adults. The Youth Slam was held on the New Haven green. There was a huge turnout! The youth poets competed for prizes and to gain performance experience! The audience loved watching everyone perform and the youth enjoyed sharing the stage with their fellow artists. 

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